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Postby darkhrelientszmanda » Thu Mar 22, 2018 3:35 pm

I'm a 16 year old girl, half slavic and half asian. I've always been extremely smart and curious since I was a kid, using a large broad of terms, but above all I have a striking aptitude for math and science. the point is, where in my school there's any special program about gifted education. I'm sick and tired of faking my real skills and talents just for skipping from one grade into the next one. I would really challenge myself with hard programs and textbooks but I just can't have access to them. my friends keep telling me to wait and then enroll in pure math at university, but this is really bringing me down. classes are boring and repetitive, and I can't stand people less smart than me. no one of my teacher seems to recognize my talent. please note that I'm also on antidepressants since last year, when I broke with my lesbian girlfriend after a relationship of 2 years. what should I do?
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darkhrelientszmanda wrote:no one of my teacher seems to recognize my talent.

Approach the most sympathetic of your teachers and explain that you're too clever to be in the class you're in. It'll be a good reality check for one of you.
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