Stuck in a lose-lose situation

Postby ScornedOne » Tue Apr 24, 2018 6:00 am

I'm stuck in a house with a roommate and her friend who are shitty people. I clean up after her and him and god forbid they have to do ANYTHING! Her friend's mother now HATES me because she convinced her that I'm a AWFUL person. I do admit to going off my meds after my dad died and being a b----. And calling her friend a f---ing a--hole. Why did I do that? Because he was constantly taking her to fancy restaurants and buying her things while I sat home alone wanting to die. He used to be my best friend, until he replaced me with her because "she likes to sing along with disney songs" I might sound like I'm just over reacting, but this hurts so bad. I don't have any family and I have no where to go because no one rents to a 22 year old girl with 2 cats and dogs. I can't get rid of them because they're my only emotional support. My roommate doesn't believe in mental illness, yet claims to have depression. She does not believe in medication, instead some witch doctor can cure everything. Including my AUTISM which I apparently don't have because I don't "act" like it. I get mocked on a regular basis because I dare to say I'm depressed. Because I'm not apparently. Oh and her friend's mother gave my roommate a car right after I had a wreck and nearly totaled mine. I talked about getting a pup to train as a service dog since I have PTSD from childhood abuse, suddenly her friend's mom gave her a puppy! Her friend's mom constantly takes her places and buys her expensive items. Which wouldn't be such a big deal if his mom wasn't doing this to hurt me. Which she is, I overhead her and her friend saying that. I'm back on xanax thanks to them, I'm self harming again, I have panic attacks on a regular basis and suicidal idealizations. I will not kill myself, so don't worry about that. She, her friend and her friends mom want that too much. BTW her friend's mom used to love me and consider me a daughter,which is why I'm so hurt over his friend's mom.
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Postby Candid » Tue Apr 24, 2018 6:38 am

ScornedOne, with unacknowledged Complex PTSD you're going to go from one bad situation to another. I'm not saying you're imagining these things, but that you will always attract and be attracted to abusive people. It's your way of acting out what happened in your childhood.

Dogs and cats are all very well in their place but they don't make up for caring human companionship. You need to get some real help.
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