Extreme mood swings

Postby John_smith » Tue May 01, 2018 5:44 pm

I have been going through a very weird state for the last few years and I don't really know hat to categories it as. In fact I've faced this problem my entire life but I have become more aware of it in recent years. I guess put simply I could say it is just insane mood swings and for a long time that's what I believed it was, but as I meet more people I've come to realise what other people define as a mood swing isn't what I define as a mood swing. Firstly and most importantly when others have mood swings it is just a change in a mood rather then a change in personality by this I mean a normal mood swing may make someone irritable or sad, but will not change them entirely, this can not be said for a mood swing of mine. When I have a mood swing a variety of things will happen I will either become tired, lonely, disconnected and unable to join in conversations or I will have an extreme rush in self-confidence, become extremely chatty, excitable and impulsive. On that note the mood swings will become so extreme at certain points that I find it difficult to find a personality outside of them. Secondly I have come to notice that mood swings may have a slight effect on a persons life, but not as intense as a mood-swing will have on mine. When a mood swing makes me over confident and impulsive I will do impulsive and generally stupid things to match that for example when I was younger I managed to spend around £300 when in an impulsive state. When I was around 13 I decided to memorise the bible in an impulsive state, which is even stranger considering my entire life I have never showed interest in religion beyond understanding other peoples beliefs. On the opposite end when I am in a sad state I may not leave my room or eat, I will feel fully drowned by sadness. It often feels like i'm holding two people inside me and every morning I wake up to see who's taking the lead. Does anybody know what this could be and if there's a way to stop it? As I get further along in life it isn't stopping and it's becoming one of the biggest struggles I have.
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Postby Candid » Wed May 02, 2018 7:10 am

What you're talking about sounds like compromised affect regulation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emotional_self-regulation, usually caused by traumatic experiences while growing up, when you had little or no control over your environment. Does that sound right?
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