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Postby MaryJaneNovelty » Sat May 12, 2018 3:48 am

Dear Foggy,

I think you've done a good job of researching what you were about to try. IMHO, what you are doing is similar to the MAT that has been used successfully for decades to treat heroin abuse. Saboxone (SP?) and Methadone work in much the same way, by taking away the withdrawal symptoms without making the patient "high." Even cooler is that more and more people recovering from heroin/opioid addiction are finding relief in CBD, without the side affects or toxicity of other opioids.

But the most amazing thing that makes CBD preferable to the other MAT offerings is that CBD is the ONLY one that actually helps heal the brain. If you can have healing AND significant relief from withdrawal, I cannot possibly judge you for trying it. I hope it helps you in both ways, and that your recovery is quickened by it :)
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Postby Foggy Noggin » Sat May 12, 2018 4:37 am


Thanks for the post. The way CBD interacts with the brain is really fascinating stuff. CBD is kinda like an Anandamide Reuptake Inhibitor, and I've learned that OXYTOCIN uses Anandamide to do it's thing. Unlike THC it makes people *less* anxious and *more* sociable. All that AND it has neuroprotective properties!

For me, CBD has a meditative effect, it calms my mind and gives me the sense that 'everything is going to be okay' which helps with PAWS immensely.

And, as you alluded to with MAT, CBD can be used as a valuable stepping stone for those getting off just about any drug.

Ironically, I think the effects of CBD is kinda what we all wanted out of smoking pot, decreased anxiety, peace of mind, sense of well-being, enhanced creativity, etc...

But we smoked high THC weed and got hooked on the DOPAMINE instead, which really screwed up our brain chemistry. Without the flood of dopamine that THC causes, and with a brain that has 'forgotten' how to make it's own, there really seems to be no reward in life. Slowly, over time, reward seeking behavior will return and with it, a more normal amount of dopamine production.

But, in the meantime, I've found CBD, along with diet, exercise, and social contact really helps.
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Postby jimmyjazz » Sun May 13, 2018 8:50 am


I would like to offer my experience of this. I bought some of the shelf in a local pharmacy here in the UK a coupld of days ago after having done a little bit research. It caught my attention last year and I had intended to try it in the past to help me quit but as my decision to quit came unplaned this time I decided to get the first 4 weeks out of my system first. To put my quit into perspective I stopped THC and Nicotine (mainly NRT but cigarettes too) together 29 days ago. I have smoked for over 25 years and been a fully daily user for 99% of that time. At least 20 years of that usage has been high THC grade skunk so its fair to say my mind is a little overwhelmed by the sudden change :)

I have had ups and downs with my quit to date, not as extreme as the other stories I read on here by any means but I have been feeling a little anxious at times and mild states of depression. The first week or so was fairly easy barring a few sleepless nights. At the time I put all negative feelings down to nicotine withdrawal not weed but I think more recently the reality has kicked in a little. The main issue is when I have felt stressed out for whatever reason I have no more nicotine and mainly THC to use as an escape. I am not drinking alchohol and havne't used and type of other medication to date.

The CBD I bought is not very strong and to be honest the whole strength and dosage side of things is pretty confusing so I thought I would try the weak one first and see what happened. It is an oil and I put a few drops in my coffee. The results were noticeable and nice, I can't really explain it very easily but its like being stoned but not being stoned. Vague and ambiguous as that sounds its what its like. I felt calmer than I have done for weeks and a sense of natural pleasant feeling, not euphoric just relaxed and relieving. I used it the next day in a small dosage and got the same effects.

I don't agree with replacing one substance with another which is why I haven't turned to booze or gone to the doctors for synthetic happy pills! This CBD is branded all over the internet as a health supplement and the documented benefits make it attractive to anybody, not just recovering weed addicts so if it does make the experience of quitting easier then I say try it.

I have found little to no negative press about it at all and no evidence to suggest its addictive (which the afore mentioned definately are). Its not a miracle cure sure there is no such thing but my own experience which in the end is all I can on and offer others was a positive one.

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