I want to be weed free after 10 years.

Postby findingsoberme » Thu May 17, 2018 12:16 pm

I began smoking at 15, I am 25 now and I just need to stop so I can get some major life goals taken care of. I am such a passive person already and the weed just makes me almost like let my life go past me. In the past two years I have wanted to quit more than any other time in my life but life events like my dad passing away and being homeless, living in my car, my car breaking completely down and other things all made me feel like I needed to smoke, I suffer from depression and anxiety but cannot afford to get back on my meds which is the biggest reason I smoke. Anyway, I see every bodies inspiring stories and I know its possible. I dont really have the support that I really want going thru this, my boyfriend and sister live with me and they are both really moody and smoke weed, We are all daily users and it is something we usually do together. The past two years of my life have flown by and I feel like I have just spent way too much time relaxing. And I need to be clean to get a good job out here! It is just the time! I am in South Florida near the beach and it is just beautiful out here. I will be spending more time exercising and reading. I felt the need to stop so strongly this morning and I almost out it off for another day, but I am so glad I found this kind of family environment its letting me know today is the day!
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Postby Anxious_mary_420 » Thu May 17, 2018 6:13 pm

Hi..sorry to hear of all the problems life has given you, I too lost my dad 2 years ago and am struggling to come to terms with it still. I can't imagine the stress of being homeless that must have been just awful I think it's great that you want to quit and a fantastic idea to get a job and really start living your life. You have everything to live for, clearly you live in a beautiful part of the world and you are still very young so you have nothing to lose however if you are living with two other people that both smoke in the house daily you are really going to be up against it.can you speak to them and tell them to hide their stuff away from you and smoke outside ? I wish you lots of luck. I've been sober now for almost 7 weeks and I'm not gonna lie it's been very hard going. Maybe speak to your doctor and see if he/she can give you some support and advice . Sending you lots of luck and support xx
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Postby Chronic Chronic » Sun May 20, 2018 12:10 am

wow just hearing about your story shows me how strong of a person you really are even if you don't realize it. I don't doubt that you would be able to conquer it. I feel like a challenge you may face is seeing people nearby smoking which may encourage for you to do the same so maybe leave the room or house until they are done. Remember, to just stay positive and be proud of yourself
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