I'm addicted to weed. Here is my story and how I'm quitting.

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Hello, everybody!

This is my first post here. My name is Hellen, I am 19 years old and I am a recovering addict. I'm going to talk here about my drug of preference: marijuana.

Started using when I was 16, and when I turned 18 it just wasn't fun anymore. I'm not going to talk about the reasons I quitted, but I am going to say that it is addictive and you get a withdrawal.

I couldn't stop using all by myself; I could only achieve three months clean the past year, but I relapsed. After that, I met a friend who is in recovery and he introduced me to a twelve-step program, which is my method until now. My last use was in New Year's Eve. I am now 5 months and 6 days clean and sober (I quitted alcohol as well).

Here is the advice I can give you based on my experience, but I want to remind you I talk about MY experience and how I did to beat my disease.

1) Get educated on addiction: I believe it is a mistake to think addiction is temporal and curable: it is not. It is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disease.Attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings and practising a Twelve-Step Program is what helped me stop using drugs for good and improving my life. In the USA and other countries, it also exists Marijuana Anonymous, but we don't have that in my country.
For me, just stopping the usage is no bussiness. I'm still a junkie and I am still craving. I need to know myself, to improve my life and to work on myself. Working on my spirituality has also helped stop the cravings. For me, addiction isn't just a body thing.

Get educated on the substance: Marijuana does have a withdrawal syndrome and you must educate yourself as much as you can to be prepared. The first month is the hardest, at three months it starts to ease and so on. Also, you should learn about the PAWS (post acute withdrawal syndrome), which can have powerful effects on you until you hit 2 years clean.
The symptoms I have experienced are: insomnia (no sleep - bad sleep), anxiety, depression, desrealization, despersonalization, anger and irritability.

Do not do any further big changes in your life until you hit one year clean. While you are starting the process of getting clean, you need to put all of your energy in f***ing getting clean. Give yourself time to transit the process, spend time with yourself, be patient with your life. It is all going to improve, but only if you set the basis of your recovery first.
Be occupied, but allow yourself to have a lighter amount of work to do and less responsibilities the first year.
Do not start romantic relationships, move out or do big changes to your life. I suggest you not to have sex the first year as well.

Be patient with yourself: Marijuana withdrawal is a rollercoaster of feelings, physical symptoms and doubts. Try to sleep during the day if you need to, eat sweet things, drink a lot and take hot baths or showers (baths are more recommended).
Masturbating helps.
You need to un-learn the myth that marijuana is not a heavy drug and that is is harmless. I also used to think that at first and experience + time proved me wrong. This is a drug and your brain, body and spirit are craving for that. So slow down, breathe deep. One of the sweet things of recovery is that you will learn how to turn down dates and appointments without feeling guilty. First it's you, second it's you and third it's you.

Cut off people who use: How do you expect to quit successfully if you still hang out with the people you used to smoke with? Cut them off and, if you are feeling lonely, try attending to a NA or MA meeting in your area.

Eat healthy: Have a good breakfast. This is a nice opportunity to become vegetarian or vegan (go to a nutritionist). You don't have to stop eating snacks if you like; as I said before it is good to eat sweet food during recovery, but try to eat consciously during important meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I will probably update this in the future. I am not sure how this forum works with regards to the writing of posts, but I have been reading it since the first days of quitting and it helped me a lot to learn about my addiction. So thank you! Thank you a lot!

This is just for today. Just for today I am not going to use. If you think about quitting your whole life you will get anxious as **** and plus, we can't control future, today is all we've got. Only you can know if you are an addict and you have all the odds in your favor to improve your life. Big hug!

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