Dominiating the world for 3-9 years, fixing it, and...

Postby Mustafa » Wed Jun 27, 2018 10:08 am

Dominiating the world for 3-9 years, fixing it, and then giving it back as Prophecized like a scene about General Maximus, whom became a slave and then the liberator of Rome or the world. This story is like Josephs story, at least me. For Abrahamic people. And Josephs story is the best story ever for different reasons, not for Joseph only but everyone. Why is it considered bad to speak about religion? I know this is simply Allahs/Elohims will in a Darwinistic sence as survival to the strongest. And Allah doesn't need or possibly want our votes harsh as it sound, but this is reality. Luckily we can expect his mercy divided between us unequally, according to how hard we have worked to obtain his bounty. For what it is worth, i know anyone can be muslim or believer (slave or free) under Allah and he forgives all mistakes except challenging his authority, like an Alpha. The knowledgeable intelligent wise understand.

I am 30 and the first 15 years i was being hardened (made into EARTH) so i would endure the worlds injustice, and it is unjust no doubt, there are good people, i endured the next 15 years first as Shizophrenic which they pulled back (they WATERED me down), and it doesn't matter if they call me Psychotic as they do, i commanded them to this and i have proof, i rode the flow. Or if they call me Paranoid, their afraid; In a test a group of evil monkeys got a new member who tried to climb the ladder and get the bananas, while the rest of the group was in a cold shower, they beat him and he became one of them. I'm either 6/6 or 1/6 as Iraqi, i refuse now to walk next to mediocrits in Norways whom are as they all say in the middle (of the tree) 3/6. In other words i'm either Alpha (with respect to Allahs position) or i die of agony and pain. In hell however criminals hang between life and death, and i'm no criminal, this is unfair treatment, i'm trying to help additionaly by abolishing elements of democracy (which killed Socrated whom they yet also study).

I'm looking for advisors where i'll be the Zero or Axel of the wheel, and advisors would be like the rodes making the wheel the people. I want to show this discussion to the judge as the healthdepartment injured me psychologically that me heart beat fast and hard, and i to escape jumped from the car. Not because i'm sucidal, but because i was and will be between life and death unless something happens. And i'm not asking. I worship only Allah.

They also finally say i'm agressive, threatning, unsensitive and without concience. As i've googled me diagnoses and finally found a good source. I can't possibly have all these qualities. I want to help them. They don't want me to die but suffer endlessly, then possibly die as Christianity says about Jesus whom loved everyone. I love everyone but i'm not Christian, i'm Muslim, and without their Watering me down making me into nothing i don't want to die, not for them. We can live under Allah. It is complicated for you, but trust me. I see myself as INFP (mora truthfull), a coach sees me as INTJ (liar leader). I'm over 30 but my life hasn't started. And possibly doomed to go from the womb to the tomb.


Postby Mustafa » Wed Jun 27, 2018 10:09 am

Peace and blessings from Allah to all mankind!

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