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Postby soldieroflife » Tue Jan 14, 2020 7:09 pm

Appreciate all of you sharing your experiences. I'm four months into quitting in just a couple of days. I really didn't know what PAWS even was for a while. I'm definitely in a low now. Got started after drinking way too much over the weekend. Sent me into a real low. I've really been struggling doing damn near anything at work for weeks, but it's really bad now. Just afraid people are going to start noticing. I could care less. I'm a mechanical engineer and lead a team. I'm sure people are already noticing. I've gotta find a way to care again. I won't have a job if this keeps up. Definitely thinking drinking is not helping me in all this. I've never thought much on suicide so scares me that creeps in here and there. Really wakes me up to what people go thru in their own battles with life. I'm glad there is a name to this and it's known to subside. Not sure where I'd be if I didn't get hope from you all on this forum. Sounds like I may have a long path though.
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