1 month and 2 weeks in weed withdrawal

Postby Voltagic » Wed Jul 18, 2018 1:41 pm

Hello everyone, I quit smoking weed about a month and a half ago. I smoked around a year only bud before quitting. Right in the last days I was smoking a good 2 grams daily of decent bud. I decided to quit after a mushroom trip in which I came to the realization that smoking weed wasn’t taking me anywhere (i also had an ego death for the first time, it wasn’t all that bad but then I smoked weed and things got nasty and I entered a loop of bad trips). The only thing is that withdrawal has been bad and kind of strange for me, the first five days I had it all the shakes, cold sweating, loss of appetite and what I guess was anxiety/depression (I feel it like a tightness in my chest and it gets me down in a way that I can’t focus on anything else) but it got noticeably better since it actually got to a climax and then started descending. After it dissipated like magic after 5 days I felt fine back to normal and I thought that was it. After around 30 days all of the sudden I felt the anxiety again but this time instead of ruining my whole day it just came like waves, eventually leading to a big anxiety attack (I have never suffered from any type of mental illness before) and it has lasted coming like waves for 4 days, although I can clearly see that during the day it has been much easier to overcome I had never reached an actual panic attack before. Currently I feel relatively at ease, I can only feel it like a little pressure but I’m worried that I will have another attack again. I wanted to know if this is normal, if I should be worried and if I will get 100% back to normal ever again? Also if you relate to this please tell me I would love to know from other people that are going through this, thanks for reading and good luck out there.
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Postby BullFrog » Sun Aug 26, 2018 12:28 am

Voltagic, sorry no one responded after all this time. I also noticed you seemed to never have posted again. I assume that you are likely better and thus never felt the need to come back. However, in the by chance that you do, no that it is completely NORMAL what you are going through. Most of us here on this forum have gone through or still going through symptoms. Some people have the symptoms you described for 8 weeks, others have up to two years. It all depends and the reason for them are hard to pin point. If you ever come back to this, know you will get normal again. The problem is many people get better and simply never feel the need to post again or others simply fall back into using weed again. Many here who keep posting are getting better all the time or are even on the verge of being 100% back to normal. Read biggiesize's story. He even posted recently about where he is after quitting weed 10 years ago. Take care friend.
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