*trigger warning* I think I was raped...

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Hey there
I'm not sure if I can talk or write about it yet but I'll try. I have to, since I can't talk to anybody else about this...Last Tuesday, my uncle (he's 50 years old and I'm 22 by the way) and aunt invited me for having lunch at their place because my cousin said that it'd be nice if we could see each other again anytime soon. That's why I accepted even though I know exactly how my uncle is. When he came to pick me up, he was way too early. I did not expect him to be that early, that's why I opened the door (I thought it might be the mailman or my sister). That wasn't the case apparently, so he followed me upstairs and I mumbled that I need to pick up my phone. I tried to grab it as quickly as possible but when I turned around with the phone in my hand, I wasn't surprised to see that he had followed me to my bedroom. Long story short: he dragged me to my bed, pinned me down with his arms around my chest, touched me all over my body (especially my private parts) and then he penetrated me with his finger. I tried to shove him off me and told him "no" and "stop" but he ignored that. When he was done with that, he jerked himself off and watched me. He even asked me if he could grab my breasts while he was rubbing himself. Of course I denied him that. Everything that happened after this is kind of a blur. I remember having lunch at their place, and playing some board games with them and then they gave me a lift back home. My cousin and aunt came with us this time. My uncle had told me before that my cousin also wanted to accompany him in the morning but since he left quite early, she was still sleeping when he drove off. My cousin and aunt told me that they'd love a day like this again because playing board games with me has been so much fun. They proposed next week and said that I could take my sister with me if I want (which is a good thing, because he doesn't touch me when anybody else is around). My cousin was so thrilled about that idea so I agreed. I love my cousin and my aunt. I don't wanna lose contact with them because of him. Thus this seems to become a more regular thing...You might think that I could just tell them that I'm sick the next time, but this isn't gonna work forever. Therefore I'll just try to avoid him as much as possible. I can't press charges against him either because I don't wanna hurt them. They need him. I feel so much guilt because I couldn't fight him off (he isn't even taller but so much stronger than me) and because I agreed. I can't help but to feel "raped" somehow. He entered my body with only his finger but it hurt and he did not stop when I told him so. Is it normal to feel that way?
Thanks for taking the time to read my "story"...
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