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Ok here is the short story without all the tears and trauma.

So i'm about 7 my dad comes home drunk, always on the edge when that happened, he's an old war soul, and god knows i couldnt cope up with it, me and my bro were being hidden from our father, she guarded us from confrontation with a crazy soldier, it happened eventually i remember it clear as day he made me boil i screamed in my mind i didnt speak up, and all of that anger turned into pain, now when all said and done i still am collecting pain, it turned me into a bitter person , I want to change.
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Buddha says "life is suffering", "the cause of suffering is attachment" the attachment to material things, and also to immaterial things, to ideals for example

for Buddha, the desire is also a cause of suffering, to desire things that are not had sometimes generates suffering to feel a certain lack

but in any case life is very fragile and vulnerable in all parts of the world .. there are people who every day struggle to survive, to get water, food, there are people who die of cold, hunger, diseases that can not be cured for lack of resources

poverty is present in many parts of the world ... not only physical poverty but also mental or spiritual poise

each person is unique .. each person's past is unique ... and sometimes a person is very traumatized by the past ... that can generate certain addictions, a certain tendency to suicide, depression, stress, anger ... It is very difficult sometimes to overcome traumatic events of the past

and people experience different traumas from birth .. for psychoanalysts the first trauma is born .. because the child is in a pleasant environment .. in the womb of his mother .. and suddenly .. is expelled to the outside world. He has to start breathing on his own ... he begins to cry, to hear many sounds, to see many lights, to listen to the voices of other people ... and he is very vulnerable, needs protection, love, to be cleaned, to change diapers, you need love ..

the same happens sometimes with the elderly ... the elderly gradually lose their strength and their abilities and become again children who need to be fed, some need to use diapers

they are the two opposites of life .. in birth and childhood ... and the aging and death ..

between these two extremes is life ... and life is sometimes difficult ... there are moments of calm .. moments of much agitation ... there is sometimes a lot of rivalry, competition ... and yet ... sometimes the most beautiful thing is love .. fall in love .. try to engage in a relationship .. build a magical world full of light and blessings with another person where there is forgiveness, gratitude, love, admiration, commitment

but of course not everything is the color of roses in the way of love .. sometimes there is sadness, repentance for mistakes, failures in love .. for lost opportunities, sometimes we can miss our friends .. remember old times when everything was easier .. when we were innocent

so.. if we think about the miracle of Jesus ... that turned into water into wine ... it is possible to realize that humanity has been suffering for thousands of years ... and always seeks the human being some means to forget all the past and everything the suffering

It is a bit strange .. because pain is sometimes necessary ... meditate on pain .. inhibit it by drugs or alchool only makes us more unaware of the pain and the causes of that pain

Within the mind there is often a conflict between the conscious and the unconscious..

the unconscious is much greater than the conscious .. the unconscious represents all our past, our mistakes and successes ... sometimes it dominates us ... sometimes we behave like children or as teenagers .. when we get tired of the demands .. sometimes we have a small regression and we can stop sustaining a personality of an adult person and behaving like a capricious child or a rebellious teenager

that is why it is necessary to play sports ... to relax a little ... to channel the tensions ... to also gain physical and mental strength.. and another important thing is to improve the feeding ... the best vibration feed is the organic and raw

many esoteric teachers ... consider that the consumption of meat is a cause of suffering in humanity .. because the origin .. is very cruel .. unattractive animals. enslaved and forced to be tortured to be sold as food

the kybalion is a very old text that speaks about these things ... of the vibrations of the aura .. of the energetic field ... and of the influence of food on the subtle bodies

we are far from living in a world where we are all capable of living from the prana .. of chi .. of the lunar or solar energy ..

At this precise moment planet earth has many resources .. but sometimes we misuse those resources .. developed countries invest billions of dollars in nuclear weapons .. instead of investing that money in education, better nutrition, hospitals

so.. from the personal situation .. to the global situation .. we can say .. that we live in a world a little sad, cruel .. we are in an immature spiritual stage .. it is still many years before the planet reaches a spiritual maturity .. but day to day .. month to month .. year to year .. people begin to change .. begins to have a more stable lifestyle and in harmony with the universe .. without harming the environment .. without damaging their own body .. without harming others

there is hope for a better future for all
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