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Postby toughbird » Thu Aug 16, 2018 12:17 pm

I have been working in my current job for two years now. I left for two months to start a new job. However, I found the new job – it was a very toxic environment. Management talking about other staffs confidentiality in the office. Gossiping about others. I was still covering overtime shifts for my old workplace via going over my work hours resulting into working 58 hours per week. Which clearly showed I was dedicated to my old workplace. Two months into the new job. So I returned back to my old job.

The new job's management are working closely with my old management. So the link is there.

However, since I have returned back to my old job. I have found my old management have changed and in fact I have experienced workplace bullying.

On my first week of returning back to my old job. I noticed my Team Leader was always on the phone having conversations with the manager of the project that I just left. Some of these conversations were outside away from me.

My current Team Leader chose to put me on weekends working with another colleague whom I don't get on well with. So I informed I was feeling anxious about this and we met for a meeting.

I was absolutely shocked because what I turned to her for support and instead experienced in that meeting – was bullying. It clearly showed the bitterness and anger that was coming from the manager of the project that I just left from.

Some of the bullying I experienced in the meeting:

“That I should speak to my GP and seek counselling” after I explained that I was feeling anxious about working with another member of staff on weekends and working alone on same shifts as well after I explained and provided examples on why I was feeling uncomfortable working with the other staff”

“Team Leader finds me patronizing towards another member of staff ”

“I jump from job to job too quickly”

“Why didn’t I notify the team leader first before the service manager on wanting to apply for the job that I just left”

“Team Leader is very surprised to see me come back to the project. Most people get at least 18 to 24 months experience and then move on. I’m coming up to being here for two years now. Team Leader is very surprised to see me back here. When I left, it was time for me to move on. What can I develop in the job now that I have returned”

“I should move on to gain further different experience within other services within the work company”

Team Leader informed me that she and another member of staff had agreed tension between I and previous SW had disappeared after I left the service”
“I was using the old office at lot when working under the new service instead of working at the new office”

A week later I sent an email on what happened and copied her manager above her into it. I requested on why she said those things. She replied back saying she will talk to me in Supervision. This was four weeks ago.

In conclusion, I came to her seeking support as my Team Leader but since the meeting, I have felt low, intimidated and unwanted on the team.

The manager above her never replied nor did anything about it.

A week later, I requested via email to meet with my manager for Supervision. Again I copied in her manager so she is aware of it. We currently had two weeks remaining of the rota. The reply I got back was – she is waiting for the September rota to come out as she and I won't be seeing much of each other during the next two weeks.

I looked at her diary and she has nothing planned. There is plenty of time to meet with me. She has met with other staffs for supervision and I'm the only person who she hasn't met with. Again the manager above her has seen my requests and has done nothing.

My Team Leader has been avoiding me as much as possible. I have maintained my professionalism and doing my job.

I have joined unison but they say they can't offer advice as it's an on-going issue which started before I joined.

The meeting took place on 13/08/18. I have requested for a follow up meeting. I have been denied and ignored. The manager above her has done nothing. No means of trying to resolve this issue.

I feel I have done a lot to help the service when they needed it. Now I won't do any more cover and I'm looking for another job. But then I feel why should I leave when I fought so hard for the project.

Anyone got any advice please?
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Postby Ali Baby » Tue Sep 18, 2018 2:15 pm

Hi there,

I have read through your post, and I'm quite shocked at how you are being treated by management. Have you thought about keeping a diary to record incidents? You are also entitled to take someone into any meeting with you to act as a support. I am unsure about the claim from the union that they can't intervene if its an issue that began before you joined. Maybe this is true, I don't know. But as you are paying for their services, I would be expecting them to at least offer you some advice. Does your workplace have a shop steward or union rep, perhaps in their HR department?

At the very least, I would be keeping the diary from here on it, recording incidents as they occur. Definitely don't enter into any meeting alone, and make sure you do everything via email so there is a record of it. Use read receipts on your emails so that you know when the recipient has read it. If you don't get any joy from the manager above, then you can take it even higher until you get some answers. I hope this has been of some help and that you get something done. I've been on the receiving end of this type of behaviour and it isn't nice.
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Postby lol4er » Tue Jan 29, 2019 1:59 pm

yes...this is extremely common thing nowadays. sadly
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