Effects of Alcohol & Drugs on Anxiety & Depression

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Hi people,

Just had a general question to throw out there. . . how much influence can alcohol & drugs (particularly MDMA / ecstacy) have on anxiety and depression over regular use after a few years ?

I started drinking when I was 18-19 and now I'm 27. I would say I would drink almost every other weekend on average (sometimes a few drinks during the week and sometimes two or more weekends in a row) and when I do most of the times its a little on the binge side. I drink to get drunk and sometimes a little too drunk (bad, I know lol :cry: ). In terms of MDMA use, there was a few years where I did it every other weekend for a few months but then I stopped to only a few times a year. I know it could damage my serotonin receptors but I'm wondering how much I would have to do and if there is a way to gain back my serotonin levels after stopping or cutting down use ?

Now that I'm cutting down on the use of both, I'm starting to get more depressed and anxious in life about things that didn't bother me anywhere near as much before when I was younger in my early to mid 20's. I do have some personal things that I'm going through but I have a better job then before, my own car, good friends, made some epic memories, etc. I eat pretty healthy, exercise often, but lack sleep. This could probably a side effect of potential "withdrawal"

What is the likelihood of my previous habits have on my general current mental health ? Probably an obvious question but I'm looking to see if anyone has personal experience or a more 'psychological' explanation on the topic.

Thanks guys !
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