9 1/2 months weed withdrawal


Postby Robb1e_g » Sun Sep 02, 2018 10:57 pm

That’s awesome BullFrog, that’s cool to know there’s Christians on here, I never see enough of it on this forum especially for something as hard a time as this. I will admit though the last few days for me have been honestly great with the exception of a few moments that weren’t too bad. But yes Christianity is the one worldview with actually compelling evidence and it has a logical consistent basis on which it’s founded on. Many great scientists such as Albert Einstein even believed in God. I say it’s common sense that God is who he says he is. I’ve been Christian for 8 months and I pray everyday a few times a day and just really am trying to strengthen my faith. But yeah man my email is robbster1998 it’s a Gmail so you can shoot me an email whenever man
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Postby Lucy0611 » Thu Sep 06, 2018 12:25 pm

Robb1e and BullFrog, how are you today?
I have a rough day with awful feelings like anxiety, fatigue and depressions. I'm ~ 11 months in, (I had smoked weed 3 years long). I'm praying often, it will get permanently better one day. This forum give me so much hope. I hate the up and downs.... feels like waves. Would we live like this forever? :-( I don't want to be damaged forever. I want to live normal again.
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Postby BullFrog » Thu Sep 06, 2018 2:32 pm

Hey Lucy, sorry you are doing so bad right now. The ups and down are just awful. Currently I am doing pretty well. My dizzy/buzziness in my head has been not nearly as bad the past few days and thankfully, as of now, I have had no recurring anxiety bouts. I'm grateful for what I can get.

and the question of whether we will "live like this forever", well that is always the question that plagues us. I would argue it is the thing that truly makes this experience so bad. Even if we had to experience this for 3 years, if someone was to tell us at 3 years it would stop forever and we would be normal, then I bet most of us would just tighten our belts and trail blaze forward. No problem. But the lingering doubt of whether we will ever truly get better again is want haunts us in the back of our minds. I can't lie, I have that slight thought always hovering on the horizon, waiting to crack its way in and make me go crazy with fear. However, the good news is that people do, in fact, get better. Like you said, this forum is amazing because it does give us hope and not wishy washy hope. But hope based on people returning and telling us they are better. I still think 2yearquit's story is so impressive (along with biggizesize of course) because it not only took him 3 years, but he used a host of other drugs over the years as well. So he damaged his brain with not just weed but with far harder drugs and yet...he got better. If you, Lucy, or I are the ones that get permanently damaged and spend the last several decades of our life marred by cannabis, then we have officially become the exception. And I don't think I am preaching false hope here, but based on evidence we can place our hope in recovery.

I also pray not just for myself, but for you and everyone in this forum who is still experiencing bad side effects of having used cannabis, whether through abuse or just through a few casual usage (like myself).

Be sure to exercise lots, Lucy. Don't isolate yourself. Find someone to talk to about this in person if you can. And for sure keep praying and see this dark time as a time for sincere growth. Do everything you can to not make it a time of fear. Make it a time of seeing all that you need to change about yourself. See is as a trial by fire so you can come out the other side not simply as a person who appreciates life and good health, but a wonderful and compassionate person that all want to be around. :)

Fight on!
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Postby Cthompson21 » Thu Sep 06, 2018 3:11 pm

Lucy you're only 11 months in, sometimes it takes two years. I hope you have the strength to keep going! I agree with everything Bullfrog says. We will recover but when you're suffering time slows to a crawl. Give it another year. If you have good days and bad days that's a sign of improvement. You smoked 3 years and it's gonna take time but you will recover. If we had a crystal ball and could see that it would go away in 2 months or two years or never then we would be more sane I believe. But evidence for paws lasting forever is rare. Maybe you'll have very minor lingering issues but it won't be severe like it is currently. Therapy is helping me a lot if you're not in it and can afford it I highly recommend it. Keep pushing, take it step by step, and this time next year I promise you will be way better than you are now.
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Postby Robb1e_g » Thu Sep 06, 2018 4:26 pm

Hey Lucy, I’d just like to say that everyone has the same ear in their mind as you. I’ve even talked with people on here who love recovered and said they thought the whole time they were messed up for life. So every time you get that thought just laugh at it and move on. I will let you know that I’ve smoked 2 years less than you (although I did some heavy sh**) and I haven’t gotten impeccable improvement till month 9, I made this post 9 1/2 months in begging for reassurance because I had a terrible four days, and the last week or so has been great and rather normal which I haven’t felt in forever. This recovery is so worth it and i can 100 percent garuntee you you will be able to live life normally and happily like you did before everyday. Trust me trust this forum and trust god. Something I do every morning is thank god for life and everything he’s done for me and family and every time I’m feeling bad I still thank him. It helps a lot
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