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Postby danielLP » Tue Sep 18, 2018 5:58 am

Hi, I have a question that has been really confusing me the more I think about it. Expectations are confusing. I realise whenever I'm sad or upset, my expectations have not been met. So, once I realised this then the obvious next step would be to take action and not expect. But, it is really strange, I'm not sure if it is a habit or just something that happens naturally but I create expectations without knowing it myself. It happens automatically and takes no thought process. For example, I expect my close friends to invite me out with them whenever they do something together but sometimes I'm not. I expected to be invited out with them without even thinking about it.

Stuff like this has always confused me. Simply saying to myself not to expect anything doesn't work. Does that makes sense? Am I not understanding something or missing small details? Is there something practical I could do?
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Postby quietvoice » Tue Sep 18, 2018 1:32 pm

You're not missing the main point, that is that expectations can often lead to disappointment.

Living a satisfying life is a learning process. You don't know everything off the get go. And what you do learn while you are young, you learn from imperfect people. You carry their implied expectations in your mental blueprint. As you go on with your life, you'll find that not all that you had picked up from others is quite true, and you get disappointed.

What you can do is to be happy that you learned something, and change your perception of life accordingly. There's no need to be down about it; simply expand your mind and love everything!
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