Anxiety & Blushing

Postby Matt_Murdoch4 » Fri Sep 21, 2018 5:05 pm


I’m not really sure where to turn at the moment. I’ve always blushed easily and although seem relaxed to most people, I’m actually a very anxious person.

I’ve had very bad acne since I was a teenager and suffered very low self esteem because of it. I recently finished a course of the strongest acne drugs you can take (roaccutane). They cleared my skin well but left me with terrible flushing of the face. I basically look like I’m sunburnt when I get embarrassed, eat hot food, drink alcohol. Now I blush even more and think I have anxiety and a phobia of flushing which is making worse and worse. It’s starting to take over my life.

Not sure of my best options, I’m thinking hypnotherapy or some sort of counselling
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