Graduated with Psychology degree unsure on career path

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I've just graduated with a first class honours BSc Psychology degree (I specialised in mental health), so I've researched a lot and have an idea what I am interested in for my future career, my original plan was to get further experience with working with people with mental health issues either on a psych ward/through support work, then do a masters in low intensity therapies (CBT) and work as a CBT therapist (as you go on placement and if you're good get offered a job through that).. however I personally have a bit of a dislike of CBT.. I like more emotion focused/mindfulness CBT and vacancies for those types of jobs are limited so it would be something I'm interested in for maybe 10 years but not long-term and then look for Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner roles..

However I was wondering about Psychotherapy if I did a psychotherapy masters could I do different types of therapies such as CBT & standard psychotherapy which I think is a little similar to counselling? I'm a bit unsure what Psychotherapy entails and what the end result would look like in practice

I also really like the sound of DBT therapy but I'm guessing you would have to go into clinical psych for that and although that would be great it's such a competitive field and the way to get there really doesn't appeal to me.

Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated!
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I'm not in a position to advise you, but I wish I could steer you towards trauma therapy, specifically the treatment of Complex PTSD. It's recognised by the WHO but not by individual countries such as England, America or Australia. People get turned away from trauma therapists because they don't fit the PTSD profile (I personally would like to see the Complex variety renamed) but I know there is already a high demand for people who can turn it around.

Have a look at Diane Langberg then pop over to the Complex Trauma website and forum,
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