Postby jimmyh » Sun Nov 04, 2018 7:45 pm

Moonlightress sabotaged her own thread when she made a big deal of who couldn't post here. The red-flag-to-a-bull approach nearly always ends in tears.

Are you saying that you *don’t* accept my words as the final Arbiter of Truth? Rats… Hey, at least you’re trying to respond to what I said now (I think that’s what’s happening, at least?).

Anyway, yes, I understood what you were trying to say the first time you asserted it. The conclusion still does not follow from the premise.
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Postby Richard@DecisionSkills » Mon Nov 05, 2018 1:58 am

Candid wrote: Moonlightress, for future reference...if someone with opinions you don't like chimes in, simply ignore...Somewhere in the control panel you can block members whose contribution offends you. If you do that, Richard's posts won't appear for you and you therefore will have no trouble resisting the urge to argue.

Excellent advice. Where might have moonlightress been offered similar advice?

Richard@decisionskills wrote:
Moonlightress, you can ignore my public opinions, you can choose not to respond to my opinions, and If my opinions are truly frightening, then there is even an option to “foe” me as to not be able to see whatever advice I might have to offer in a public forum. These are all reasonable options without trying to censor another person’s participation.

Instead of using the options readily available, moonlightress went down the path of manipulation, trying to use shame, trying to use social guilt, even going so far as to create a thread that opens with this attempt being made front and center.

Why? Because as already stated in my previous responses, but worth reinforcing for anyone that is interested in a better life philosophy, it is a tool that unfortunately works all too often. It has probably been used successfully against moonlightress as much as she has used it against others. My advice, NEVER allow someone to use this tool against you. If my opinions are too unsavory or out of line, if my tone or my delivery are not to your liking, fair enough...then listen to the advice of CANDID! Ignore me!
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