Why should the world not unite? Your arguments

Postby Armstrong » Fri Oct 26, 2018 8:45 pm

There are two human powers, and thats all you have which are trying to help humans. 1. Psychiatry and 2. Religion. They have regarded eachother with suspision through times, last i heard Buddhist mindfulness had united with the Psychiatry in what's called the 3' wave.

I believe Psychiatry tries to create peace and even if it goes at the price of harmony loss (leaving you with isolation which in turn leads to addiction and depression). Whereas religion acknowledges harmony comes with a risk, a possibility to get injured — taking in consideration gender roles and that one gets better at handling sharp tools (sharp tools are risky tools).

Why should we not unite? What are the psychiatric reasons for not wanting to unite? For seeking the easy way in a hard world? In turn like the third wave attempt of unity between Psychiatry and Buddhism to 'accept' suffering as part of life (acceptence i believe is major in Buddhism). Or am i wrong?

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