2year 8 months clean hahaha

Postby akash agarwal » Tue Nov 13, 2018 5:26 am

Heyyooo wassup...:)
Its been months I didn't visit this website..
Actually i forgot...lol but this website and homies who helped me its like a rebirth to me. It was a lifesaver!!!

Shodan,nateTgrate,ruke,natty,olskruu,biggie and many guys helped me to get tru this..:D

If u wnna check out u can check my previous post i was at extremely worst situation!!

Thought of suicide anxiety depression Depersonalisation derealization dizziness bla bla bla

Today am 2.8 yr clean and i wanna say that i m muchh much better...:) I still don't understand am i really normal or still somewhat.;) But yeah i can feel me now.

So wait stay sticked..stay sober no weed no drugs no alcohol no pills and u will be fineee..

It's hard :( its very hard but imagine at least ugot life buddy. And join some hobby.i joined YouTube Nd started making videos so that distraction helped me.

Peace out !!
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