PAWS 1 year 4 months (need info)

Postby Made_kass » Wed Nov 28, 2018 10:09 pm

Hello dear people, I must apologize for my bad English first of all and secondly I ask you not to judge my lifestyle. I am what i am.

My story: I used to smoke weed from my university(18) till 29 years. Sometimes during that time I had panick attacks from weed but still I continued to do this.

Till the the day I quit they were more often. I’ve also did some MDMA and LSD last years before I stopped doing it often.

I quit weed last July and first off I was ok, then I had some symptoms of dp/dr which I didn’t realize as dp/dr and thought I was having a stroke. I visited doctor and I live in third world country and it was difficult for them to diagnose me. Mostly I had some blood pressure issues and sinusitis. I’m very afraid of doctrors in my country so began to search the internet for answers. So I found this forum and began researching. I did read a lot of stories from here, speciallly NateTheGreat.

So I come up with three conclusions on my problem. 1 Weed withdrawal 2 MDMA overuse and damaged serotonin receptors 3 Porn watching and exhaustion of my brain chemistry/adrenals problem. Maybe it’s all combined.

I can say that I have a pretty strong mindset, so I was coping with my problems all by myself.

I did not had any depression, apart from feeling very ill.

If you don’t mind, can you answer some of my questions that I have

1) What supplements helped you a lot? (I did use Vitamin B, Magnesium, Ashwaganda, Rhodiola, 5HTP/L Tryptophan and common things like fish oil or vitamin d/zinc etc)

2) I’ve read a lot that exercise help a lot as it regulates your dopamine production, but every time I try to run/cycle/gym I’m having a panick attack/heavy dp/dr/brain fog/dizzy so I cannot force myself to do this. Did you had this? How did you overcome th?

3) (Physical symptoms)I might feel much better after one year and 4 months but things that bother me the most apart from dp/dr is having balance issues, it’s not like I’m having vertigo but it’s like world is not straight and every ground is bend either way. Also I sometimes have cold/tingling in my head or face specially in evening or when I don’t sleep much? Do any of you experience any physical symptoms with your PAWS? Please share them.

4) Insomnia. I I’m having insomnia for a year, when I take melatonin I get good sleep sometimes. I ran out of my supplies and wanted to cope this without melatonin/sleep pills, but last 2 months when I want to sleep I get anxiety/trembling of body/heavy dp/dr so I can’t fall asleep till I’m emotionally and physically drained. Do you experience this before you sleep? Do you experience any trembling before you sleep?

5) Other sins. I did quit everything apart from masturbation and drinking. When I drink my anxiety disappears and I feel and remember the old me, but this thing will turn me into alcoholic so I train to abstain myself from this. Also the masturbation, sometimes after sex/masturbation - anxiety/dp/dr attacks me pretty hard. Did you notice any improvements or worsening with symptoms with your sexual intercourses/drinking/masturbation?

I would be really greatful for answering some of my questions?
If this physical symptoms are bound only to me - unsteadiness, trembling, head/face tingling/ cold sensation I might go to Korea for medical observation.

I’m still fighting strong and wish everybody of you to be fully recovered.

Thank you.
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Postby Thracian » Thu Nov 29, 2018 8:28 am

Try to quit masturbation and alcohol.After I stopped masturbating things got alot better for me.I still have sex with my girlfriend,my drive isnt as high as it was when I smoked weed but its still there. Start working out and do yoga.Don't try to do too much cardio.You don't need to run,just power walk. Lift light weights. Look into intermittent fasting. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods.
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