Quitting weed- day 5

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Hello everyone,
Iam a 23 years old student who has been smoking weed multiple times a day for the past 2 years, I started smoking weed with a couple of friends and I immediately got hooked to it. The reason for loving weed so much is still uncertian to me but probably it has something to do with my childhood, i had a very bad childhood with divorced,drug abusing, poor parents.

weed gave me this sense of well being and relaxation and this is why i’ve been smoking a lot for the past 2 years.

A few days ago i’ve decided to quit and go back to being the old me, I am fed up with not being able to pass my courses, not being healthy, feeling tired all the time, sleeping all day, staying awake all night.. etc..

I’ve been clean for the past 5 days, eating well, returned to sport( used to play football, swimming, gym..), sleeping has been a little of a problem with the insomnia and all these vivid nightmares but the are getting better everyday..

The worst thing so far is that I have a very bad feeling of shame and guilt that somehow I wasted these 2 years of my life without progressing at all while most of my friends and the people around me are improving in life( getting good jobs, progressing well in university..).
Another thing is that I feel like I did some permanent damage to my body/brain that i’ll never be able to recover from.

looking forward to share my journey with you guys and I am also looking for some tips from the experinced people here on how to deal with these depressive thoughts and low mood after quitting weed.

Hope you guys are having a great day.
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