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Head in loud wrote:I feel you, today marks 200 day for me, not quit 10 months but still long time. Last night I had the exact thought that something is wrong with me. I had night sweat and DP/DR OCD and my mind is running 1000 miles a second. My blood pressure is high and the buzz sound on my right ears—sounds like star war swords. My cognitive skills is down, memory is worst and can’t concentrate for more then 2 min. PAW is indeed worst experience of my life. I’m pretty sure what you are experiencing is PAW. Also I would think you are not as worst as the first 3 months, what happens is with good days we tend to forget and once we get the bad days and really bad days It hit us heard. I would suggest you write down your symptoms and feeling like a journal and use it as reference when PAW hits. I had a really bad day today but when I compare to first 3 months based on what I have written on my journal it is a little better. I’m pretty sure you will feel better soon so give it time and do excereice; just running or walk will be good as well. Hope you feel better soon!

There were some things that weren't there like the beginning. But the anxiety the racing thoughts, sweating but having chills, feeling uneasy, crying ect was there and then it slowly got better. And then I got calm. And I have been feeling a mixture of uneasiness and calm? It's weird? I'm wondering if I felt this wave this way because maybe my nervous system is starting to get better? Bc sense like month 8 the bad waves slowly started to remind me of the beginning but last night definitely was like am i going to start this whole process again?! My eyes are hurting sense yesterday. My head hurts I'm guessing from all the crying I dont know. I keep reminding myself that I have never felt this way before and the only thing that's different now in my life is that I'm not smoking anymore. I hope this will be over soon...
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