9 Months with few relapses of total 14 days

Postby Ozyrys » Fri Feb 01, 2019 7:35 pm

it's the first post I am a foreigner so excuse me any mistakes
I've started smoking weed when I was 16-17 i wanted to quit since i was 20 since then i started to have my mental problem (which now i know are dp dr terrible anxiety) i am 25 right now and i have wasted last 5 years trying to quit (i have quit for 2-3 months few times i believe this is my 5 time and the longest) and this time i know its the last quit i have relapsed first time after 5 months i smoked to small joints in one night and the week after i did the same then when i was 7 months off weed i smoked one joint and then four days in a row (i bought a 1g) week before new year and in the new year(same amount for 4 days the good side of this is that i cant imagine myself smoking it everyday because it doesnt give me that pleasure that it useto give me i actually started being depressed at 4th day of smoking it i had few days like a week in total maybe 2 when i felt normal just like before i started smoking but nowadays i am getting really depressed i dont feel like life is worth living
and here's the question do yous think that i have started with paws from the beginning since i relapsed?
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