Does it get easier?

Postby Tunechi96 » Thu Feb 14, 2019 3:50 am

Hey guys. I've been trying to quit weed for a little while now, like about 4 or 5 months, and it's been really difficult. I'm 19 and I really haven't been smoking that long, in fact not even over a year, but it always seemed to affect me much more profoundly than it did any of my friends or anyone else I know. I've built up a tolerance now as I've gone through long periods (well, long for me) of smoking every day, multiple times a day, but I still get way higher than even some of my friends who only have smoked like a handful of times.

While that has its perks, I also seem to get far more negatively affected by the stuff than anyone else I know, and far more addicted. It's been really difficult for me trying to quit, and I've failed many times over. For the first week (I've only once made it beyond the first week), everything just feels so empty and boring without it, and I get the withdrawal symptoms really bad.

But the worst part is just the fact that when I'm trying to quit and can't get high, I just want to soooooo bad, especially when the weekend rolls around and me and my friends start rolling out to parties. At the same time though, I know full well that the stuff absolutely destroys me, and I'd be so much better, mentally and physically, without it dragging me down. Like even once I've gone a few days without it, I start to feel all my power coming back. I feel stronger, I think clearer and quicker, I can concentrate, I have lower anxiety, my confidence is higher, my face clears up, my eyes look healthier and more well-rested, I make way faster progress in the gym and can work out with more intensity, I have more energy, more motivation, I feel happier, etc., etc.

But damn man, it's hard as hell, and when I get cravings, I get them baaaaaad. So my question is really simple. Does this get easier? Will my cravings lessen, or will I just have to accept that I'll always want to be high and it will always be difficult?

Thanks everyone so much!! This site has been a huge help to me! Appreciate y'all
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Postby tokeless » Thu Feb 14, 2019 7:52 am

I guess if you want to quit your old life of smoking weed then you have to change your life too.. Quitting and riding out the days, weeks etc is much harder if that's the only change you've made. You need to get engaged in other things with people that don't smoke so there's less triggering.
As for wanting to party etc, well that's just cake and eat it... Which do you want? You've identified all the positives when you stop so if you stay stopped and commit to your change it can only get easier. All the battles are in your mind. You don't have to smoke, you choose to. Make the right choices for you and how can you fail?
Best wishes
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Postby lefttheleaf » Thu Feb 14, 2019 8:50 pm

Hey bud
I never really got bad cravings as my experience was so utterly awful that I was terrified to smoke again.
I had the most horrendous anxiety attack one day and i genuinely felt like my life was over and I had lost my mind. So I didn’t feel any real urge to smoke again. Maybe I was lucky?

Anyhow 6 months in and I am now craving being high. Not cannabis per se. More the effects. The calm. And the feelings I associate with a good smoke.

But let’s be honest - this is seeing something through rose tinted spectacles.

I live my life according to my own moral compass. There is no right or wrong only what we as humans perceive as good and bad - cannabis is a perfect example of that. It’s not bad to smoke and it’s doesn’t make you any better if you abstain. It’s up to you mate and what you think and feel. You should want to abstain for your own personal reasons and each time you get a craving remind yourself why you don’t want to smoke anymore and remind yourself of the positive effects you’re having on your own life.

For me getting high was great but weed sapped my drive and left me pretty unstable emotionally. Those two factors are massively motivating to help me stay strong when I do miss being high.

And one final thing. Life isn’t dull and boring. The whole concept of breathing is fascinating. Just look up at the sky right now and tell me that the concept of life is boring. It isn’t mate. It’s just your perception of it right now.

Hope this helps
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