Weed is Kryptonite

Postby Charles Swann » Sat Mar 02, 2019 5:26 am

Well, I finally figured it out: Weed is Kryptonite.

How do I know?

1) It Drains My Life Force When I'm around weed, I can feel my energy seeping away. Gravity pulls me down, everything becomes an effort. I can't move, I'm weak and unsure, and feel like crashing. Negative thoughts gather like clouds, and I sense villains lurking around every corner. I retreat to a fortress of solitude. Prolonged exposure could mean death.

2) Away from It, My Superpowers Return Suddenly, I have the Golden Tongue again -- words come easily, I'm a laugh a minute, can patch together complex logic flows and storylines with ease, and am a natural flirt, genuinely expressing my interest those I meet. I've got enough energy to run around the planet five times in a minute. I'm constantly seeking out new opportunities to meet people, have fun and make money. My physical strength soars, and my endurance is superhuman. I deal with obstacles head on, flying into orbit and punching out incoming meteorites.

4) It's Green Coincidence? I don't think so.
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