Hypnotically set to distruct?

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I was hoping some of you may have some answers for me, please. Long story short. I was hypnotised three times by someone I thought was a friend and trying to help but ended up, turning on me and took the majority of my client base away from me which ended up ruining my business. The first time he hypnotised me he induced me himself. The second was a double induction he was assisting a more experienced hypnotist and the third was a triple induction the more experienced hypnotist, himself and another person assisting. I remember nothing of all the times I was induced. But I was different after them. The behaviours he was trying to “help me” with got immediately worse. And he was always able to easily distract me or derail my thinking and intentions from then on. The process wasn’t explained to me before or after it and I was left feeling like I’d just been to sleep but I must not have been because I came out of the state on command. This man proved himself to me and others to be very manipulative and self serving after this. He was an NLP practitioner to my knowledge. I want to know if it is possible that he encouraged the behaviours I wanted to change and if he had a way of rapidly inducing me after the double and triple induction? Also would it of been possible for him to alter my perceptions of some background noises after the hypnosis?
Thank you very much for any help.
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