Depression issues and symptoms.


Postby Fade_Black » Thu May 09, 2019 9:02 am

James_Lee wrote:You have to start by action. Words are not going to help. Join a local club or something. Get involved in some recreational activities, and take it slowly from there. Do not rush it, though

Some people don't do even that as simple as it seems to be,maybe they fear,maybe their emotions are ruined,taking action it's the most difficult part,cause he can dissapoint and then retire in the middle,it's like someone who fears to get into an elevator and you force him to do it by kick him in the back,this will not throw away his fear for elevators.

I've tried many common activities without helping me at all cause at some point i was bored every single time or couldn't take some plessure back,volunteer that some suggest is just useless for me,i'm not going to waste time doing indifferent things for free just to be with some people i don't even know before. :roll: :|
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