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Postby Youssef Saleh » Sat Apr 20, 2019 3:18 am


I have something I want to get an advise about, I am always an extremist person when I am trying to do a certain thing, so for example, I usually do not eat balanced food, either a very strict diet or eating every 10 minutes! Either I do sports with huge concentration and focus, or I do not do at all. It has its cons, that I am good at sprints, when I focus on something, I do it with good focus and reach good results quickly, but afterwards I might go back to the other rest mode with very slow moving pace in my life.
Fo you think I should deal with this issue as a problem I need to solve and to try to always live my life on a normal pace, or just take it as it is and try to make the best out of the sprints I do? The issue is, when I am focusing on a certain goal (losing weight for example) I forget about anything else in life, and I believe this is wrong. One other problem with this is it sometimes may lead to anxiety and fatigue because you are giving all yourself to a certain thing execivley and my minds gets so busy and anxious about it.

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Postby Richard@DecisionSkills » Sat Apr 20, 2019 8:55 am

Consider reframing your goals.

Divide the day into 90 minute “chunks”. There is nothing wrong with focusing solid for 90 minutes. Researchers have demonstrated high performers make gains by using deliberate practice that focus on intense effort for short periods of time.

Make sure your goals are properly aligned. You don’t want to have a goal to run a marathon at the same time you have a goal to sail a boat around the world. There is nothing wrong with mutually supportive goals.

Then find balance. Use, but don’t abuse the 90 minute chunks. Dedicate no more than 2 sessions to one high level goal, i.e. make it a rule not to focus on any goal for more than 180 minutes per day.

In this way you can be extreme while still finding balance in life.

Good luck.
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