Can a narcissistic person with bipolar disorder be helped?

Postby WardenEternal » Mon Apr 22, 2019 11:46 am

I've come to finally detach from this person, mostly, because of their narcissism.

It destroys everyone around them. Someone is always the punching bag, and it's been like this for years. But recently since last year, they've been going through episodes of depression followed by targeted anger, or vice versa.

Even though I've mostly detached from this person, which makes me feel a little inhumane, I still feel fear when this person talks about suicide and pleads for death. I don't want them to die, but sometimes I also think they should die. I feel as if it's better for them, because they're in constant agony, and their narcissism prevents them from receiving any kind of help, mainly because they only see that other people need fixing and control instead of themselves. I know that I'll miss that person sometimes if they actually do die, and I miss them now because of who they once were, or at least, what they partially were if this person had been trying to keep their narcissism covert as I grew up.

I don't know if seeking counselling for them is something I should do, or even can do without their narcissism screwing it up even more. I also find the thought to find help for them extremely difficult, because I have anxiety, socialphobia, and I've never even looked for help for myself before. I've grown accustomed to dealing with everything myself. I always felt like nobody else was willing to understand anyway. Because of this person, I've learned to be mistrusting/cynical and always skeptical, and have narcissistic tendencies on my own, which I'm now trying to dismantle in every scenario I'm able to recognize it in.

Long story short, can someone with bipolar disorder and narcissistic personality disorder be helped? Or is it best to just let them ride the wave until the end? (it seems so painful to re-read that last question)

They also have OCD. They hoard, and the only time they actually clean is when EVERYONE is away from them, out of the house. They hate it when people are around and they're doing something. I kind of have the same issue when I'm creating something, but that's because I always feel like I'm watched and judged for the things I do, and it completely ruins the atmosphere and hinders my skills for me. I've only met two people in my life who actually are amazed by how skilled I am, which lets me be myself.
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Postby Richard@DecisionSkills » Mon Apr 22, 2019 12:41 pm

Similar to your other threads, you are focused on how you expect other people need to behave. Fair enough...but why? In other words, is this someone you are forced to live with? Generally speaking, if it is not a spouse then you have options regarding the extent and type of contact you have. Even then there are a few options to better manage the relationship.

Parents are morally obligated to take care of their child. The opposite does not necessarily hold true. Again, taking care of a parent there are options to manage the relationship without sacrificing your own well being.

I guess, for me it is unclear the nature of the perceived moral obligation you feel to modify this person.
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