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There's this comedian actor that i watched daily, he's freakin great when it comes to cracking a joke, even an old person laughed hard because of his humor. But one day i did not saw him in that show then the days past by and it took a week when he came back. I searched for him, then i read an article that he has been suffering from depression, i can't believe it because he always smiles, laughed and he has all the humor that a comedian has. Now i understand that even you are a happy person when depression hits you it can kill you slowly. Upon searching, i saw that using www growingmarijuanablog com/marijuana-syndrome/ can help reduce depression. I don't know if that thing works. But i want to suggest it to that Comedian-actor maybe it will help him right? Does anybody try it before for depression?
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Postby Richard@DecisionSkills » Wed May 22, 2019 3:21 am

Using chemicals to alter the mind can be a temporary crutch. Unfortunately, too many people try to use chemicals, including marijuana (THC) as a permanent solution. It becomes a downward spiral as the introduction of chemicals makes the person temporarily feel better, making them then ignore the underlying issues. Eventually they become dependent on the drug.

Like most things there is a healthy balance. Using pain pills is okay and necessary in the short term, but using them as a cure is a mistake. The same holds true with medicinal marijuana.
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