4 weeks without weed

Postby Cantsleepwontsleep » Wed May 29, 2019 11:13 pm

When in Rome eh?
So I'll just give you the quick version to my story I'm 36 and have been smoking Weed for 20 years solid. Started out casual with friends then at 23 I came into a considerble amount of money, that's when I turned into a hard-core smoker. I'd at the behaviour around smoking was already a problem but after 23 I could smoke as much as I wanted. I've been a heavy smoker since but fast forward to the last 4 years of my life. I owned 2 houses I sold them both and basically have smoked over £60,000 worth of weed in that time and that's probably modest. My daily ammount was 14g and At my height I would smoke 28grams in 24 hours to say "bye" to weed it never was bye though. I've been in and out of work just because I could and about 4 weeks ago I had a f#@! It moment and I decided I've lost enough now, money, life, health and time. Weed is a time thief. I'm not going to go into why I did it, I know myself I know my issues and I'm seeing an addiction therapist along side deciding to quit. I actually found the decision easy, I can't say I've had physical symptoms like most people have either. I was needing to use an inhaler in order to breathe before quitting but the moment I stopped I've not weesed once. My big problem is sleep, I don't think I've slept more then 8 hours in 4 weeks yes they were a few vivid and unpleasant dreams but nothing that bothers me, I'm pretty clued up when it comes to cannabis and it's withdrawals. My diet is very good now as I can be bothered to cook, in fact I enjoy cooking from fresh instead of eating takeaway every night. I can't honestly say it's been that hard quitting, my life has improved already. Good decisions usually bear fruit. But this not sleeping is killing me, the doctor is useless in the UK there more interested in pushing meds or pointless therapies that aren't tailored to the actual need. I'm a support worker by the way I work with addicts GPS etc on a daily basis so I understand how this all works. I'm not sure why I'm.posting this but my message is when you know you know and nothing is going to stop the withdrawal process, after all I've been smoking 100's of grams per month it's to be expected. I read alot of people saying they smoke 2g a day and I'm not trying to undermine there journey but I wanted to compare like for like with myself but Bob Marley is no longer with us. Stay strong, keep true and above anything if you know you know. Listen to your body, it's hard when you've been ignoring it for so long but it will tell you what to do. It just won't let you sleep lol respect to everyone making the journey.
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You sound like you're done. As for sleep it will come.. Just do sleep prep in the evening and it will get better. Best wishes
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