Uncontrollable Urges

Postby zDelusionalz » Wed Jun 05, 2019 12:06 pm

I need advice bad...I’ve gone through my younger years having many pets. Dogs cats guinea pigs ferrets and even a hedgehog. I love them all and adore the attention I get and give too and from them. But randomly and I have no idea I get mad like almost furious mainly at the cats. No apparent reason. No rhyme nor reason but I get pissed off and will wanna pin the cat down and have caught myself even having the urge too hurt the cat specifically bite them. I am 18 now and got a new cat in the house after not having one for a couple years after our old cat hotrod got sick and passed away. This isn’t new and I’ve had the urge since I was little. And biting has always been the urge. I don’t know why and it worries me allot. I love them and cats ironically are my favorite housepet. But here I am fighting an anger I almost can’t withstand that comes over me like a wave. It almost feels like an instinct of some sort. It happens the same way everytime. And I feel extremely guilty seeing them scared of me afterwards. I’m afraid of what this could mean but am seeking answers please
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