Paws 1.5 years update - My last update?

Postby thegreatdane » Tue Jul 02, 2019 11:48 am

Hey guys. So now its been 1.5 years and its pretty much been the same. I have had 2 days this month where i was symptom free and was actually feeling pretty alright.
I havent had any "paws" days where i get crazy symptoms, but all in all i am just left with a very damaged me. Mild depression, big social anxiety, and very little energy and motivation. I also had a porn addiction that i have quit a year ago and that also have maybe made my recovery slower and thats why its taken so long, i really dont know.
I remember when i quit weed before paws hit - i felt all the benefits. I felt the confidence, the happiness, the change in my entire well being. I know that its the person i will become when paws is done. But sometimes i do question if it will ever happen. Anyway i do have some better days, but man this recovery is slow. Im tired and embarrsed to write these monthly updates, because i do expect something to happen and it hasnt happened yet. Im sorry if this is demotivating for some of you guys. Im about to turn 22 and i know im still young. Hopefully it will get better. This may very well be my last post. IF i get better i promise you guys i will return and make an update. And i probably will get better so keep an eye out for me. It may be in 6 months or a year or two years, but i will come back to this place and write a success story. If i never come back and write an update, then you know i havent recovered.

Till next time.
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Postby Cthompson21 » Tue Jul 02, 2019 3:48 pm

All the best Dane. I felt the same way 1.5 years in with my first time with PAWS. You will probably improve more. Now I'm almost a year in of weed PAWS and the anxiety and insomnia is bad, along with shirt term memory problems. Some of the other symptoms like feeling depersonalized have faded a lot but I know I will probably always have some lingering reminder. It's like a handicap I will have to adapt to! It sucks but with time we will get better or adapt. You are strong and I hope you can push through and come back someday to say you're doing well.
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Postby BullFrog » Wed Jul 03, 2019 12:30 am

GreatDane. I hope you come back to post often even if you aren't recovering like you desire. But if not, I understand. It's a rough journey and it can be very disheartening at times. Don't lose hope, my friend. Stay with us, if you have it in you to do so. If not, then yes please return at least to post as you notice incremental improvements. I wish you the very best, Great Dane.

And I understand the struggle. I am 1.5 years in and struggle with some dizziness, occasional short term memory loss and nasty head fog (with occasional bouts of pressure/headaches). I was down to only 1-2 symptoms a few months ago and now a couple more returned. Still nothing compared to when this all started in February of 2018. It's hard, but damn is life worth living despite this sh**! Those whom love me and whom I love are worth it all to continue. It does make us all wonder...will it end? As the months go by, as the year mark comes, as the second year approaches...we wonder. We fear. I do have hope though. So many stories have people incrementally getting better in gaps, waves, and then finally cured. Others are terrible then BAM...huge improvements occur and suddenly they are better with only the most minor of symptoms popping up. A part of me hopes I am one where that will happen. I was thinking that two years would be the mark for myself whereby I find myself cured. Now I wonder if it won't be three. Hell even if it is 5...I am okay with that. Truly. Five years would be hard...but it's still hope. And if I happen to be that one person who doesn't recover, then that is my cross to bear. May it make me a better person who grows out of suffering and helps those who suffer also.

Anyway, hope to hear from you soon GreatDane. I will certainly pray for you.
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Postby Db82 » Wed Jul 03, 2019 5:40 am

Sorry to hear that hopefully u get better in future which I'm sure u will.
Personally I use l tyrosin amino acid and really recommend it for depression and feeling low and better mood I stopped for a while and got really depressed but as soon as I took it first day felt like new me again, unbelievable but true. Keep in mind u must take it minimum 3 weeks to feel any better at beginning, you must load up ur body it activates your thyroid maybe it's problem with you also. You can take 1000 mg morning and same afternoon for two three weeks then use only morning or experiment and see what suits you. Magnesium and fish oil daily also for me and b complex with extra b3 sometime. But ltyrosine is best.
Supplements really do help!
Good luck brother!

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