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Postby publicspeakingnyc » Sun Jul 07, 2019 1:28 am

Hi All

I've done Toastmaster and lots and a bunch public speaking and am happy with my results.

I've noticed however, sitting down at a table like a board room/meeting I get more nervous and it's something I'd like to address. (I try to stand up at those meetings b/c that makes me less nervous and have few techniques I found on youtube and so forth.)

But, am I alone in this? Anyone else feel fear in Board Room style Speaking?

Are there places like Toastmaster but more focused on this style of "Board Room" speaking?

Thanks for all replies!
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Postby Confidencetalks » Mon Oct 07, 2019 10:38 am

Maybe the problem with speaking in a board room situation is you are more concerned about the opinions of the people you are speaking to rather than speaking to a group of people which can seem faceless.

The fear is coming from your mind. So, the usual tricks for any kind of public speaking will stand true. Start with practice. Make sure you know your material inside out and back to front. Do some breathing exercises before the meeting and then when the time comes, think of the people in the meeting as friends. It's the same presentation, but if you imagine your audience as your friends, you will come across being more relaxed and therefore more confident.

Good luck
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