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Postby BullFrog » Thu Aug 01, 2019 4:08 pm

@Requiem, have you seen 2yearquit's post? He felt truly MISERABLE and I mean VERY miserable for almost 3 years. He FINALLY started feeling relief around 30-32 months. The last he posted he was around 8 months symptom free. Go read up on his story. Inspiring!

Fight on!
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Postby Requimfordream » Thu Aug 01, 2019 5:54 pm

mynameismaryjane wrote:
Requimfordream wrote:I'm a 2 years and 6 month now, and the last month has been the worst I ever remember, I have developed a severed insomnia so bad that not even an anvien 10 mg put me to sleep, i go to bed around 11 to finally fall sleep around 3-4 am, At the beiging I was suffering strees due to my new job then that stress triggered my anxiety with a severe allergy attack, the anxiety has easy down, the insomnio persist and now I have a wave of depression that make me feel worthless and very sad, I walk like a zombie at day time, I try to figured out whats going on!! I suppost to be much better after 2.5 years BUT I'M NOT. I make and appointent with a psychiatry and now I do really need to seek medicine and professional help because I tried all this time with out and I never got better... good luck every one

Have you tried exercising? I find that doing a simple 20 minute YouTube exercise session everyday in my living room does wonders. I also prioritize sleep, fish oil, and a multivitamin. Excluding caffeine and alcohol is so key too.

I am really sorry that you are still feeling terrible. A couple months ago I was feeling super depressed, and felt like I wasn’t improving anymore. But I kept pushing, and most importantly picked up exercise, and after 3 weeks of being committed to that, I feel like a new person. It’s ridiculous tbh. I have always hated exercising, so it took a long time for me to break down and finally work out.

I can still feel the anxiety come and go, but it more-so only affects me in normal stressful situations rather than all the time now. I think I’ve also come to realize that I’ve always been a little more anxious that others. Which unfortunately probably made me more susceptible to having these types of withdrawals issues.

Hi, yea, I was holding my self pretty good with natural supplements with just a minor anxiety, I was able to sleep without any medicine I though I WON THIS, but suddenly I got sick again, I do exercise in fact I'm going to de gym now, But I think exercise its not helping, its actually make me more anxious and also keep up at nights, I keep pushing to go through all this, its been really hard, 2.5 years of constant fight with this... I will assk the doctor about CBT maybe that therapy will help, but I need something to make me sleep because insomnia makes this things worse...
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Postby ashthewarrior7 » Thu Aug 01, 2019 6:03 pm

You're gonna get out of this, unfortunately there are no shortcuts, but you will get fine. You're in middle of a bad wave and I know your misery, you haven't won but haven't lost either, stay strong, monitor what your in taking, something you're allergic to, some meds, anything though they seem small can impact you during PAWS because your body is alot more sensitive.

You've always had good days that followed, you will have good days soon too, stay strong.
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