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Richard@DecisionSkills wrote:If you want marriage I can tell you how. It is actually very easy, but it does require one major change, one major shift in perspective. I know it works, because I have a friend very similar to you and he made the change. He has been dating the same woman for several years now. He is still a miserable f***, but he did achieve his goal.

Lay it on me.
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My friend Jason is obese and not attractive. He has joked about his inadequate penis. The guy has no high value skills, but earns a few dollars online as well as by painting warhammer 40k miniatures. Jason is an antisocial, introvert, gamer. He grew up in the United States and faced rejection from the opposite sex.

Jason moved to the Philippines. He went out and found a woman that worked at a call center. She is overweight and plain looking. They started dating. They moved in together. She was promoted to manager. Last I heard they were planning to move to Australia.

What made this possible?

Jason made one change in his life. He moved to a country where the culture is much different than the United States. He gave himself an advantage by changing his situation, his environment.

The one thing Jason did not do was continue to repeat his same behaviors and expect different results.
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They say its not the size that counts its what you do with it. You could always try a penis enlarger. You need to watch porn less, its feeding unhealthy habits.
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