How to get a person out of ego


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Richard@DecisionSkills wrote:
charan@ind wrote:I would like to bring up the my first question here to learn more about this if you wish sir....

Okay. The first question about ego.

The answer, is that it is most often our own ego to think we should or that we can get another person out of ego. In other words, the problem is most often with our own ego.

You gave your friend the best advice you had available. That is all you can do. It is ego to think you can do more. Accept the limits of what you can do. Accept the limits of your own ego.

In life, no matter what truth you think you know, being able to convince every person that your truth is correct and that they must listen to what is true as told by you is an issue with your ego.

Does that make sense?

Sir I am aware now thank for valuable information and time
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