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I heavily recommend this meditation I found that is a Christian derivative of TM for the anxiety. It doesn't completely alleviate physical symptoms, but mental anxiety gets greatly diminished.

Here is the quick lesson hope this helps you do it in 30-minute sessions twice a day, when you wake up and before dinner. (you don't meditate well after a meal as there is less blood flow to your brain and more to your stomache). You should see a slight improvement within three days, also use the practice when anxiety hits.

You sit and focus on one word or phrase, mantra,(1-3 syllables) Christian version is you use Jesus as your mantra.

Anyways you sit and focus on your mantra until it fades away and there is emptiness. Thoughts do come. They can be anything, but when they happen you lightly think back to the mantra very lightly so you can let it go and go back to that sea of calm.

I like to think of it like this. We are an ocean with a moveable seafloor and a moon. The tide is always coming up and down. There's high tide and low tide. However, you do not have to have chaotic waves your oceans can rise and fall peacefully. Sometimes in life, there is a storm that roughs up the water and causes the floor to become rough in turn keeping the water on top rough(things that cause waves). Most people do not know how to level their ocean floor to take away the choppy water after the storm passes. TM allows you to level out your ocean by focusing on that floor of consciousness. The chaotic thought you learn to be ok with in TM isn't you being ok with that thought it is repairing the damage you didn't know the storm left.
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