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Here’s my experience quitting marijuana for all those who have recently quit or thinking about quitting.

I smoked pretty regularly for 4 years and I smoked a lot. I would easily go through an ounce a month maybe even more. It got to the point were I would only get high for about 15 minutes.

Quitting timetable with withdrawal and recovery as well as I can remember. I quit when I was 37.

1st week- night sweats, sleeping 4 to 6 hours max, sad all the time, bad anxiety, horrible if non existent short term memory.

2nd week - night sweats stopped but all other symptoms remained.

1st month - Sadness and boredom went away. Memory starts coming back but only about a small fraction of what it was before weed. I started realizing this was going to be a tough road to recovery. Anxiety was still there. I could clearly see the damage weed did to my brain, especially to my short term memory. I would do something and then 5 minutes later not be completely clear that I did the task.

6 months anxiety starts going away.

1 year I’m feeling more like my self but my memory is still horrible.

1.5 years I can now sleep about 7 hours.

2 years I feel a lot better. My memory is slowly getting better but still not back to normal and feels like it’s about 70% to 80% of what it was. I can now sleep 8 to 9 hours.

Keys to recovery:
* Don’t ever smoke again, it may not seem like a big deal to “just smoke this once” but it will push you far back and hurt your recovery. If you do slip up, it’ll be alright, just start quitting again, you can do it!

* Everyone who says weed is harmless is wrong. It’s horrible for your brain and once you quit you truly see the effects. Also many people don’t want you to quit because they don’t want to be alone with the habit.

* Exercise, diet, and sleep are the main ingredients to recovery. 30 minutes a day of cardio, walnuts or salmon for (DHA) and a minimum of 8 hours sleep will do wonders. After I started cardio and sleep I saw big steps forward.

* Stay away from alcohol

* If you slip up don’t keep weed in your home or around you because it’s too tempting to not smoke.

I posted this because some of the posts on this forum really helped me and I wanted to pay it forward. I’m so glad in the decision I made to quit and I feel so much better than when I was smoking. My blood pressure is down, my anxiety is low if not gone, and my memory is getting better all the time. You can quit this habit without too much trouble and if you’ve quit and are frustrated with your recovery just exercise for 30 to 45 minutes a day, eat salmon, get plenty of sleep and hopefully you’ll be feeling back to yourself pretty soon.

Take care and all the best.
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