How to help a girl who sees her as fat.

Postby LalaBoy » Sun Nov 17, 2019 6:50 pm

Hello there!

I have been facing the following issue for about 6 months. The fact is that my current girlfriend will always deny how good she looks, claiming that she is fat.

Her stomach is flat, only a thin layer of fat over it, then her boobs are no that big, but they fir her body wonderfully and also she has the most well-toned butt in the entire class at our school. She is percieved so by the majority of the guys I have talked to, but she will still go on with denying her good looks.

When lying in bed for example, if I try to touch her anywhere else except her arms, she will immediately cover herself up and turn around. Not only her bodys she also feels unsure of her face and always covers it up too if I look at any part of her face that is not her eyes.

If I try to talk to her about those problems she would usually just say that this is the way she feels and hints to the fact that I cannot change that. She then tries to switch the topic elsewhere. She, however, was once at a party where she has shown obviously that she believed every compliment her distant friend gave her, whereas she never believes my compliments.

Furthermore, she is by far the sexiest within the group of her friends. However, she always claims that all her friends have better bodies than she does, despite the fact that two of her friends are obese!?

I am interested in how I could make her believe me, open up to me and tell me why she really feels this way.

Best regards.
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Postby Richard@DecisionSkills » Mon Nov 18, 2019 12:20 am

You want her to change. Okay. I will tell you how you can help her to change her belief. But what about you? Let’s start with what you need to change about you first. Once we get you all taken care of, then it will be easier to help you work on her.
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