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Hello there. This forum is a God send for me. I thought I was going crazy experiencing these symptoms until I finally stumbled across this forum.

My only problem is my symptoms have come from after smoking.

Warning this is a very long post:
Anyone else experience extreme allergic reactions related to cannabis use?

After 16 years of heavy to moderate usage I’ve seemed to develop some sort of near anaphylactic reaction to it after even one toke no matter what form..flower, concentrate, edible, high cbd, every mixture and type you can think of. I’ve always had general allergies and when smoking flower it would cause some minor irritation and phlegm with next day coughing mucus. Nothing extreme but Switching to concentrates made that all go away. Never had negative/allergic reactions for the past 6 years on concentrates.

But as of 3 months ago I started getting very faint about an hour after smoking. Researched seen many articles about people “greening out” or “whiting out” Would hydrate real well and eat and feel fine same day and even smoke again later and felt fine. This happened a few times and wouldn’t happen again for another month or so before becoming more prevailing. Fast forward to 3 weeks ago I had an 100mg edible (usually takes 150-200mg to feel medicated due to my tolerance) and smoked a little. Well an hour after the edible and smoking I started getting extremely faint feeling but this time the feeling didn’t go away. The episode lasted 1 hour of constant near fainting.

After the continuous near faints stopped I felt completely out of it and extremely fatigued and tried to sleep it off. The next day when I woke up and got on with the day I experienced extreme derealization/depersonalization, panic attacks, heart palpitations racing all over the place, confusion, blurred vision, headache, ear ache, just felt extremely unwell nothing like ever before. Went to the ER and got sent home with your healthy get some rest. The next day I still felt super out of it, I tried to smoke a tiny dab to try to feel better and an hour into it started getting extremely faint again and had to lie down to get blood to my brain. This time I didn’t recover and felt like hell. So I decided to give it a break for the rest of the week with no more cannabis period.

Each day that went by the dp/dr and other symptoms were still there. I was still having random near fainting episodes going through out my day. Like the fainting and dizzy effect lingered. Anything would trigger it. Lasted all week long. Went to my regular Dr at the end of the week and been doing every test and scan and speciality doctor since then. I abstained from use for 2 solid weeks and my symptoms finally got somewhat better. The pre fainting went away finally days later.

Fast forward to this last weekend I figured I’d try some high cbd flower to calm my anxiety like it has done wonderfully for me so many times in the past. I was finally feeling better and figured maybe I just had a bad head cold or flu that I had to get over. I know in the past if I got a cold smoking didn’t help but I felt a lot better now. Well I vaped about 4 hits and felt fine until once again an hour later into it I started feeling very faint and dizzy. These pre fainting effects again lasted until 2 days later. Could just randomly talk to someone and feel faint, go to sit down in a chair I’d feel faint, someone calls me on the phone boom heart races and feel faint. Takes about 4 days for the faint feeling to really go away. The bouts of anxiety and confusion and dizziness were still prevalent.

Every test has came back as I’m perfectly healthy. Every specialist says everything is ok. After researching like crazy the only conclusions I’ve came upon is I have developed an allergy to cannabis and after smoking it so long (kind of like cannabis hypermesis)I get the some of the worst reactions related to an allergy attack. And while abstaining to stop the fainting I seem to be experiencing post acute withdrawal symptoms.

The only test I haven’t had done that sounds reasonable is an allergy test where they prick your skin with everything to see if you react.

Now I’m only asking for opinions of people who are medically sound or have experienced symptoms or know of someone who has. I know mold/dust mites/chemical fertilizers/been oils causes allergic reactions but from edible to dab to flower to vape, high cbd low thc, straight thc diamonds ect ect it all ends with the same effect of me ending up on the floor with racing heart palpitations and dizzy and near fainting.

I understand if it has never happened to you it’s very hard to believe cannabis the “cure all” could ever cause harm or negative side effects. I don’t need to hear 100 comments saying it’s impossible to get negative reactions bc I thought it was a long shot too. I would give people a funny look too I f they said weed messed with them. I’ve found quite profound information on allergic reactions and withdrawl symptoms that most wouldn’t know existed until going through it themselves and obsessively researching what’s wrong.

Yes this has all been tested product from medical dispensaries. I’ve been a connoisseur my entire life with 0 issues other than some congestion from flower. I could touch it lick it smell it eat it take a bath in it lol It was like a switch was flipped from the on position to off. Now even one puff has me on the floor an hour later trying not to faint and get my heart rate and breathing under control. Went from hero to zero real quick. I’ve now fully abstained from use but am still experiencing weird withdrawal effects. Just wondering if anyone experiences anything like this at all.
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