When does the fainting stop?

Postby Obliviousend » Fri Nov 22, 2019 3:04 am

Thank you all for your amazing courage and stories and for documenting it. I am too currently going through every medical test possible to find an answer.

Was a heavy user for 16 years and had my world come crashing down all at once on a Sunday. Did my normal smoking session but got extremely light headed and dizzy and hour after smoking. This lead to near fainting that lasted for an hour straight, even lying on the floor with my legs elevated did not lesson the near faints.

I quit for a few days, would try again only to have same fainting results.

I have now been cannabis free for 3 Weeks but cannot shake the random fainting feelings. Most are anxiety induced... but over small things like talking to someone will get me excited now and make me want to faint. other times I can just sitting down and my heart will start to palpitate , then I get extreme neck pains and need to almost faint.

I feel like I can endure every other symptom but the near fainting is really scaring the crap out of me. The first of quitting week simply getting my hair cut triggered 3 near faints. Driving home that day coming up to a bridge caused an almost near faint the entire trip over the bridge. Once off the bridge the fainting subsided. Looking up at people in the eye triggers near fainting.

Week 2 I thought things were getting better as far as not fainting and sure enough just from having conversation with my dad sparked near fainting. Driving down the road a phone call from my wife sparked extreme anxiety and near fainting.

Week 3 finally felt great all week until today. Had to get an mri of the neck and head and as soon as I laid down and the table began moving me into the machine I almost fainted. Had to stop them for a few minutes and make them turn off the music completely. Finally relaxed about 15 minutes in got extremely dizzy and felt faint until I could focus on something by looking down. Feels like everytime I look up I get faint feeling.
constant head pressure and heart palpitations then near faint. Talked to a friend for a few minutes and felt the need to faint 3 times.

I’m just at my wits end with the fainting bull crap. I’m scared as hell im going to die driving one day or seriously harm someone else. Are these panic attacks? Or extreme anxiety attacks? I can tolerate the dizziness, dr/dp. But these extreme anxiety attacks followed by wanting to faint is really making me feel hopeless and a danger to myself and others.
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Postby akidual » Fri Nov 22, 2019 5:42 pm

I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing such symptoms. My symptoms aren't exactly the same but I thought I'd share to maybe help a little. I've started smoking early 2017 and switched to cartridges late 2017 and finally quit September 2019. There were many times after I smoked where I would start feeling dizzy. I would try to sit down but out of nowhere everything would go black and the only relief I felt was if I was put on the ground. I'd get really hot and dizzy while being blacked out but still could slightly hear things around me. The cold floor helped with the hotness and sweating and I'd lay there for a couple minutes till it passed. I've noticed that this would happen if I smoked during a stressful time or if I haven't eaten or drank a lot of water and it seemed the weed made it worse. One time I had a panic attack going for 3 days with fainting spells. I would also get palpitations at times. After I quit the fainting stopped but for the first 3 weeks I had high blood pressure in the mornings, palpitations and I had a hard time standing and walking without getting dizzy. I'm 61 days in now and when I go out if I stand for long periods of time I start to feel weak like my body is too heavy to hold up and I get really fatigued. It's really scary and I'm just hoping that the weakness and fatigue subside over time. Wishing you all the best on your journey.
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Postby Eroica » Sat Nov 23, 2019 5:40 pm

Sounds like panic attacks. Youre still early in your quit so they last a few more weeks. For now make sure youre drinking enough fluids and eating right. Sugar exacerbates anxiety.
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