Will being hypnotissed make you more suggestible in general?

Postby Realisingmygoals » Thu Nov 28, 2019 12:04 am

Hey guys,

Im wondering wether being regularly hypnotised will make you more suggestable in general, more sensitve to being influenced without your desire to etc and in a way.. weaken your will?

IVe been noticing for me being hypnotised is kinda like allowing words to lock my attention and ''having their way with it'' taking it in directions they want. Moving it

ive been noticing im getting really sensitive to marketing pages - where they do all these over the top word patterns and so called ''covert influencing'' those things are starting to do what they intend to do - i read it and i notice its taking effect even though i know theyre doing it i just stop reading.

i hear normal sentences in suggestion form being spoken and i feel like its a hypnotic command

And how im less will-full, in the sense that my attention allows itself to be more easily pulled by everything because that seems to be what im conditioning in

i remember i used to think direct hynosis tapes were ridiculous i would sit there listening and the guy would - you are xyx and your are noticing abcd and all i could think was - whatever gave you that idea

ive become alot more suggestable

Has aybody experienced something simmilar?
Toughts, experiences?

How do you prevent this?

Im thinking maybe grounding more, doing mindfullness
practicing things that focus your attention training your attention where it is.

im just thinking out loud, lets talk!
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