Protecting yourself from negative suggestions in self hypnos

Postby Realisingmygoals » Thu Nov 28, 2019 12:13 am

How can i prevent influencing myself in negative ways without wanting to - during self hypnosis?

Ive gotten pretty suggestable, and im kidna afraid of negative suggestions going in and affecting me in bad ways
Either through my focus straying and thinking some negative thing with some absorption and it going in along with other ones

How i can i avoid this? Will it help to loop a tape of self suggest something like. only positive suggestion that support me in getting where i want to be in suppport of my greatest good will take hold any and all negative suggestions will be filtered out automaticly? Will that help looping that for a few weeks will that build a filter?

I know its populair to say that the unconscious will always protect you and all these kind of things. ive certainly been told that in the past , however its not really been my experience that thats always the case
Nor that the unconscious is a magical thing with godlike qualities to it for that matter - witch alot of the people that say that seem to think instead of a mental modell of describing complicated processes

I also get the feeling that im getting more n more in states where everything will just kinda go in - everything will kinda get that ''yes'' feeling and or that ''this will happen'' feeling

I asked Igor ledochowski about this a while back on a tele seminar he was doing, who has done some products on self hypnosis and is known to use alot of self hypnosis himself and he said yes you can definatly have negative suggestions go in - but there wasnt much room to discuss it any further

toughts? experiences? Lets talk!
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