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Postby Beforenowtocome » Thu Dec 12, 2019 7:00 am

Hello, I'm new here. But as we all know, no one cares.(or very few do)

So I will just jump right in.

I live in the same world as you do, right? So why are we so confused? Is it in the water? Maybe its in the toothpaste, chemtrails or even coffee? I'm not sure what it is but people seem to be forgetting every damn day before them. Is it by choice or some reason greater?

They tell us to forgive and forget, but isnt forgetting a disorder? And forgiving a sign of weakness? (I think forgetting is weak and forgiveness a disorder). But now a days they say to remember not to forget, but still forgive. Isn't forgiving putting us in awkward situations of allowing wrong or bad to happen again and again. Ya know, lets just keep a bunch of murdering criminals with short fuses in a comfortable place(because God forbid WE become inhumane, Ahhh!) And call it prison. And we could support them so that they MAY get another chance to possibly try again. When do we put our foot down? When WHO says it's time? Who is who, and why the hell do I have to listen to who, right?

Aren't we supposed to follow our motto (survival of the fittest)? But we want people to let go of their problems. WTF!!! How can you EVER get better(survive) at anything if you are always having to let go of it or forget it? If history repeats itself than I can only believe we the idiots havent figured IT out yet. I have a great idea...let's destroy everything we know of and have learned from, because that will definitely give us a better future. Smart idea right?

Bottom line is that if we create a past(which we all do daily) we should always try to remember and relive it so we can prepare ourselves on how to handle it when it comes back around. Because it always comes back around.
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Postby Candid » Thu Dec 12, 2019 9:20 am

Beforenowtocome wrote:Who is who, and why the hell do I have to listen to who, right?

Who is you. You make the rules. Welcome to the forum.
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