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I am a 24 y/o man that is constantly doubting himself. There are things that I would love to improve as far as how I think and the things I say.

- being bullied at a young age lead to self esteem issues and lack of confidence in a public setting.

- slight stammer in speech/repetition and inability to focus on something.. I want to be a leader in conversation and share thoughts. I think so deeply and have so much to offer in a conversation, but as soon as I'm in front of someone I think about how I look, how my facial expression looks to them, etc. All of this really sets me back in dialogue.

- socially awkward/weird

- want to become more aware of surroundings and self aware of what I'm doing.

- I want to be happier, i would love to smile more, I would love to think about myself in a positive way.

As this is my first post, I want to stay away from giving you guys too much. I am looking forward to connecting with community so that we can dive deeper in the human psyche.

Talk to someone soon.
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