Transcendental Meditation is Working for Me

Postby RosaD » Tue Dec 24, 2019 5:50 pm

Hello All

Last week I posted about considering Transcendental Mediation as a means to deal with anxiety and panic attacks. To research the topic, I watched some YouTube videos, and purchased a book -- Super Mind. From there, I checked Google for TM Centers in my area. The fees ranged from $385 - $1,500 -- depending on your income. The class was taught over five days.

Before taking the class, I had already started to mediate on my own with great success. The private instruction from the teacher helped to go even deeper. By the end on the second day of instruction, I began to see changes -- small changes in my daily life. One of these changes were reading out loud in front of others.

I usually avoid reading in front of people because the words get caught in my throat. I sound like an idiot. However last Saturday, I read before a group. The reading went well until I realized I was reading in front of people. The point being, I read a couple of paragraphs. The next time, it could be an entire page. And after that, I could let the fear go.

TM is working for me because it doesn't depending on clearing your mind, or focusing at a object. Instead, my unorganized thoughts are welcomed as a sign of stress relief. And, instead of focusing on an external object, the teacher assigns a mantra to focus inwardly. The practicing is working for me. Therefore, I wanted to share my success with other sufferers. I hope the practice helps you.

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Postby Richard@DecisionSkills » Tue Dec 24, 2019 7:25 pm

A free alternative is to join Toastmasters or local speaking/book club. These groups are specifically aware of and address the very common fear and anxiety that comes from speaking in front of others.

Free. Totally free.

And once you no longer fear speaking in front of others, what else might you be able to accomplish?
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