Day 11 weed free

Postby Caliyope » Sat Jan 18, 2020 4:25 pm

I was a very heavy user of weed, I would smoke an 1/8 every other day, I was dabbing up to a gram a day during the summer, I had an insane tolerance. I came down with the flu and just cut myself off cold turkey, and noticed I was dealing with some pretty severe symptoms, super bad nausea, brain fog(that did go away for the most part), extreme anxiety, night sweats and every time I sleep I wake up every few hours... everything else I can manage but the anxiety is so severe, it’s crippling me, I’ve been to the Dr, had bloodwork, even a CT scan because I thought for sure there was something wrong with my stomach, everything came back great. My Dr gave me a script for Xanax, I only took 2 but I really want to do this without drugs... my mom brought me some cbd oil to start taking.. what I really want to know is how long before the anxiety starts to subside a little..? It’s so intense, and the depersonalization is UNREAL. I know this will be a long battle ahead of me and I need to buckle up, but what did you do for the anxiety? I’m so desperate!!!!!
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Postby Eroica » Sat Jan 18, 2020 11:57 pm

Hi Caliyope! 11 days is great. The worst withdrawal symptoms including severe anxiety last for a few weeks. After that, you will experience a few days of lesser anxiety followed by days of really bad anxiety. Eventually you will see more and more days where the anxiety isnt as bad. But it is a slow process. Hang in there! Dont get discouraged. The anxiety is your body recalibrating and healing after drug abuse.
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