4 years off weed widthraw and still have symptoms


Postby Head in loud » Sun Feb 02, 2020 1:43 pm

Potkettleblack wrote:This is nothing against you bro but look at his post. He said he got better then took supplements then got unrelated symptoms. Here’s what’s happened.

1. He relapsed and is blaming supplements
2. He didn’t relapse and has had a bad reaction to supplements

If number 2 happened why on earth would come back to a weed forum!!? That would be the last thing on your mind.

If he was ok then had a bad reaction why would he come to a weed forum? You have to read between the lines here mate. Like I said I see the exact same thing on benzo buddies. People return after 6 years and say things like ‘I was healed after 3 years then I took vitamin c now I’m in a setback’.

Why on earth would somebody return to a completely unrelated forum unless they did something to do with the subject itself. It’s shrouded with bs bro.

I quit cigarettes 8 years ago. I had a **** ton of symptoms when I quit for 18 months. Imagine me getting better and by 2 years being ok again. Then at 4 years getting strange symptoms from taking a copper supplement. Imagine me coming back to a quit smoking forum and saying ‘hey guys I’m still not ok after 4 years’. Then posting on another thread saying ‘it’s ok some of us take longer’.

My reaction may seem over the top to you but you seem to forget this wallly just posted on a thread where a guy is suicidal at 23 months off. He just posted on that thread saying he’s still not better. He didn’t even have the curtesy of elaborating - his posts are super vague too (another blatant sign of bs). Just plonked a post saying he’s still not ok after 4 years. Imagine how that makes the thread starter feel.

Come on mate.

Could not agree more...I’m 19 months in and doing through bad PAW wave...this threat f me up big time...I was no way I can take this for another 2 and half years. Thanks for your post!
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Postby Head in loud » Sun Feb 02, 2020 1:50 pm

AnonPoster wrote:Yeah bro I understand I do and that is something NASsar has to either confirm or deny tbh Im not arguing with anyone on here or taking sides but maybe putting this thread to rest and either deleting this or NASCAR saying yeah I relapsed for others to say OK its coz he smoked again or whatever would put other minds at rest but if he does we all have to leave it after that and move on
Best for the forum get what I mean

So NASCAR was it relapse or not?

On lighter side calling Nesser NASCAR is pretty funny. Lol
Hi Daytona Beach I mean Nesser tell us the truth buddy...you used again didn’t you? Relapsed does that, even one puff.
I’m 19 months in and haven’t even came close to touching weed all this time and never will.
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Postby AnonPoster » Sun Feb 02, 2020 11:23 pm

My bad Autocorrect Hahaha


Postby Eroica » Mon Feb 03, 2020 4:12 am

I dont think enough scientific studies have been done to definitivly say "PAWS will end at so and so time for 100 percent of people".
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Postby Experiment1996 » Thu Jun 10, 2021 11:51 pm

Potkettleblack wrote:That’s fine by me.

This person is a f***ing scum bag that scares people into thinking they’ll never get better. He got better and then took supplements got symptoms so decided to make a 4 year weed free post? What an incredibly stupid thing to do. The guys an imbecile with no consideration for others.

I see twats like this on my benzo buddies every day. They get better then tamper with stuff. They then come back and say ‘omg I’m still suffering from benzos!’ Because they feel guilty. He had nowhere else to go so cane her for sympathy despite completely overlooking how damaging a post like this could be to someone that’s early in their journey looking for hope.

**** him. He’s a selfish c***.

You're right.
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